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Amazon appeal & reinstatement

Amazon Appeal "Service!"

Our team has 15 years of experience in Amazon Seller Account Suspensions and Reinstatement. We are Real Sellers like yourself with Real Experience.

“Do not purchase an Amazon Appeal from Lawyers or Self-proclaimed Ex-Amazon employees. Lawyers don’t sell on Amazon, and spending more money does not mean better quality. We have reasonable prices and high success rates. You’re trying to get reinstated, Not ripped off!”


Client "Reviews"


I never leave reviews but this I owe to the guys at Ecomm-Sentinel. Not only did they solve my problem..they gave me hope to keep going on something I thought was impossible. Amazon does what it wants to your account and its near impossible to open a new one. Thanks again for helping out.


Martha B

This is the only company I found online…

This is the only company I found online that could help me setup a new amazon store .All the other websites looked dead or had very shady business practices. I liked the fact that these guys are located in the states ,they called me and broke down the service very well. It took about a week to get the account fully verified just as they said. I’m happy I gave these guys a shot.

Martha B


A rare gem in the e-commerce industry!

It’s really hard to find professional service provider in the e-commerce industry, Ecomm Sentinel knows what they are doing, look no further. I highly recommend and will definitely continue doing business with them.



How do you move forward with help for your "Suspension"?

This section is only meant to educate the public and protect against false information. The details in this section does not represent our service details or business model.

Suspension types we’ve successfully appealed

Guaranteed Reinstatement or New Seller Account


Drop Shipping Violation

Intellectual Property


ASIN Misuse


Prohibited Item


Inauthentic Item


New Sold As Used


Late Shipment Rate


Review Manipulation


Order Defect Rate >1%


Product Not As Described


Listing violations


Code of conduct


Restricted products

"Book A Call For Quote"
There are two simple ways to get Amazon suspension assistance:

1. Book a phone appointment using the Phone Icon in the header of our website. Select the appeal option, and a Sentinel Agent will reach out to assist at the selected time you choose.

2. Post your suspension to the Sentinel Forum. Sometimes it takes a village to put out a fire. Sentinel Solutions has many years of experience and success with amazon appeals; however, we are not naïve or arrogant to believe one person or group knows all. It is always good to get an outside opinion. Post your situations here and let the community guide you as well.

How do I access the Sentinel Forums Appeal Vault?
To gain access to the appeal vault within Sentinel Forums, you must become a Member level status of that platform. 10 posts are required to become a Junior member. Caution: Speed posting for access is not tolerated; we do get notifications on every post to the forum and will act accordingly to abuse.

Sentinel Appeal Process:

We thoroughly research your seller account. This goes far deeper than simply reading your Amazon suspension notice. We run reports, search for trouble areas and ask you key questions.

We discuss our findings and work with you to determine the root cause of the Amazon deactivation. Our experienced consultants apply Amazon intelligence and business know-how to address account issues.

We create a customized Amazon appeal letter that answers Amazon’s concerns. The Plan of Action is unique to your business.

Many suspensions require more than one Plan of Action to garner Amazon’s approval. Our team provides additional Amazon appeals, escalation strategies and follow-up as needed – for one flat rate.

Once we achieve Amazon reactivation, we provide suggestions for keeping your account healthy and active.

"Dealing with a Amazon Suspension is Annoying! But it does not mean that you dont have backup options. Experienced Sellers have a few stores. If one account is down ,you should have another store running as you work out the appeal. Click the link below to find out how to create a second store"

With 15 years of experience in the Amazon + eBay business, Auction Sentinel has done over 5000 successful appeals. Every plan of action that we write is unique to your suspension case. Unlike most Amazon Appeal companies, we are not selling you a pre-written template that never works. We break down and analyze our appeals case by case. Sentinel will fight for your account until the end with unlimited revisions at no extra cost. Please take a quick look at our website; it stands out that we offer many unique services other than just appeals. We are not one-trick ponies; Sentinel is the jack of all trades for anything eCommerce-related. Top companies of both Amazon and eBay platforms have utilized Auction Sentinels services from behind the scenes for 15 years. We support the Seller accounts of the largest businesses these platforms offer. We have the experience you can not get from other appeal services.

Why does Ecomm Sentinel enjoy helping sellers with "Amazon Appeals"?

Simple, it’s because we hate the misinformation spread by these other websites. And it’s not difficult to get a store reinstated.

It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg for Amazon appeal plans. Remember this, just because other appeal sites overprice doesn’t make them better quality. You are being ripped off because they prey on your desperation. In most cases, Amazon knows whether they want to restore you before writing the appeal. The appeal itself is more of a formality. it’s ridiculous that some services charge 1k plus for something they write in only 20 minutes; in most cases, you receive a revised template they used on another client. We take our time to fully understand your situation and help you write appeals that would be most effective for your particular account suspension. No two account suspensions are precisely the same. The details determine the success rate of your amazon appeals. Ecomm Sentinel has a very keen eye for more information.

Common Lies/Lines you should watch out for when searching for an Amazon Appeal Service…

Services claiming to have once worked for or know Amazon Seller Performance/Support members. Appeal companies who make this claim are lying right to your face. Nobody directly communicates with seller performance; even many departments in the amazon company do not directly contact the performance team. So how would a random appeal company online? Do not fall this line.

Hiring Lawyers for Amazon Appeals…

We understand why you believe a lawyer would be more efficient in appeal writing. Perhaps for legal-related issues, however, this is a misconception when writing Amazon Appeals. Let us just put it out there; there is no such thing as an Amazon appeal lawyer. Amazon Appeals is not something taught in any law school. Most Amazon appeal websites only mention being attorneys to justify their ridiculously high prices. You learn how to appeal to amazon suspensions through experience. Hiring a lawyer for this is no edge you will gain at all. In most amazon suspension cases hiring lawyers have the opposite effect on your appeal success. Nothing annoys Amazon Seller performance more than attempting to bully them with emails of legal mumbo jumbo. Doing this will not get your account back or your money released any faster. Jeff Bezos’s legal team is most certainly not afraid of yours. Save your lawyers for cases you have to go to Arbitration and hire actual experts for Amazon Appeals.

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    Amazon Appeal Service

    Frequently Asked Questions "FAQ"

    We have done over 5000 successful appeals. Our Amazon specialists are some of the most experienced people you will ever meet in this field, with 15 plus years as Top-rated sellers. When it comes to suspensions and Reinstatements, we have helped thousands of Sellers overcome and successfully sell again.

    Every amazon suspension is unique and deserves individual attention. We do not sell templates as many other sites do. Do not fall for the trick of buying an $800 template.

    We will thoroughly assess your specific suspension issues and write you an original appeal!

    The delivery time of appeals is based on the package you order. Please refer to the different boxes to learn more about delivery times.

    To consult with Auction Sentinel regarding your suspension, you can reach out to us through live chat Monday-Fri 11 pm to 8 pm est.

    Or, to schedule a phone session, please use our contact form to send details of the suspension and the best contact to reach you at.

    Yes. We will revise your appeal as necessary until we reach the final result. We do this at no additional cost.

    Although we do not like to entertain that negativity, there is no 100 percent success rate. Sometimes amazon chooses not to allow certain accounts to come back no matter how great the appeal was. Do not worry; it is not the end of all hope.

    It is possible that you can set up another amazon store.

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